Athens Diary

After a long flight, David and I finally made it to Athens, Greece for our honeymoon!! Yesss, David and I got married!! (Wedding photos coming soon… J) For those who may not know much about Athens, it is the capital and largest city in Greece. The origins of Athens go back to 3000 BC, making it one of the oldest cities in the world! I know, crazy huh?! Athens is considered the foundation of Western civilization, origin of democracy, Western philosophy, literature, the Olympic Games, political science, mathematics and theatre!

Athens had such a lively, vibrant, and bustling city vibe. The weather was sunny and humid, but every now and then there would be an awesome cool breeze. Our hotel was conveniently located in the middle of the downtown, so David and I walked everywhere! We bought a map and became super comfortable with the area and wasted no time so we got to explore so much in just a few days. The downtown area was our favorite because it was always poppin’!. The highlight for me was the food, bars we went to in Athens and most of all, the long walks late at night with my hubby. It was so easy to feel like a local after the first day. It also helped that Athens natives were incredibly nice and welcoming. I immediately fell in love with this city!

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Deliciousness! These are sesame pretzel looking things are called Koulouri. They are a very popular in Greece. Mines was stuffed with FETA cheese!! Mmmm sooo good!!

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I had he BEST vegetarian gyro here! Not to mention, the Greek salad was out of this world! So fresh, so amazing! (No lie, we came back more than once. haha! )

DSC00231 DSC00234  David and I loooved walking downtown at night. There was something special about this city after hours.  DSC00249 DSC00273

Gifted by a little girl on the streets. The moment was precious.

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