2016Computer Courage

Black on Black

2016Computer Courage
Black on Black

Black and black has become my go-to outfit. There are so many ways to rock an all black look! It comes in handy when you have just a few minutes to get ready or you are having β€œone of those days” and you just feel like breaking your head trying to figure out what to wear. My personal favorite is wearing an all-black outfit with a pop of something. This can be a pair of cool earrings, a statement purse, or in this case a pair of fun shoes! I was so excited to wear my new velvet floral booties in NYC and immediately knew that I wanted them to be the main attraction of my outfit. I went for the more cool, chic and comfy vibes and paired my booties with a slip on skirt (leggings under) and a chunky turtleneck sweater (t-shirt under) for the cold and threw on my ride-or-die leather jacket. Luckily this day was the warmest during my stay in NYC.