Choker- Chic


Let’s talk about a mega trend that I am sure you’ve seen everywhere… CHOKERS! They are so trendy at the moment, and I absolutely can’t get enough of them. Chokers seriously takes me back to the good ole’ Spice Girl days, when I was also known as Ginger Spice - haha!

daisy2 daisy3

As much as I wish I could rock a choker everyday, I try to control the urge and instead choose my choker-outfits wisely. Seriously, I low key wish I could wear a choker everyday. I like to switch up my style every day, so I end up rocking a choker whenever I want to add edge to an outfit without trying too hard.

daisy5 daisy6 daisy1 daisy9 daisy10 daisy11daisy4daisy8

After window-shopping for the perfect chokers I realized that most of them on the market were so simple and easy to make myself. I picked up a roll of this material from Joann and have been on a DIY-choker hype! If you want to see how I make my homemade chokers, let me know!

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