Concert ready look

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Crop Top: ZARA  /  Shorts: H&M  /  Blazer: Vintage  /  Pumps: Aldo

That one concert that you bought tickets for month ago has finally arrived, and you ask yourself “WHAT THE HECK AM I GOING TO WEAR” I’ve been there, done that. You obviously saved up time and money to attend this concert and of course you want to look cute! Planning the outfit plays a huge factor in your overall experience of the concert. There are a few factors I consider: I need to be able to dance, walk a long distance, and brave the weather. This is what I wore to see my girl Khelani last month at the Warfield in SF. I knew I wanted to dance my ass off without and feel comfortable all night. I wore my loyal black pumps, which added the perfect touch of classy and sexy to my outfit.

Always remember to be you, dress comfortably and feel good.

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