Golden Bow

Okay, so as many of you may know I am a shopaholic and I love everything that has to do with fashion. I spend a lot of time on the computer looking at fashion blogs, watching fashion youtube videos, reading fashion books and of course reading my magazines to get fashion tips and inspirations. When I found out that the absolutely amazing fashion designer Jason Wu was having a collaboration line with Target, I was so excited! I had to get my hands on some of his wonderful clothes before it was all sold out. His line was released on February 5th and believe me I was so ready to camp out outside of my nearest Target since I knew many people were going to go. That morning I woke up super early and headed to Target with my sister and my cousin, and oh boy the line was extremely long and it was barely 6:30am! When doors finally opened, everyone rushed inside and went crazy. We were so fortunate to get our hands on everything we wanted. This bright golden yellow top was one of the many items I purchased. :)