Life in the Ruins

During our stay in Athens, David and I got to visit the breathtaking landmark of the Acropolis. The Acropolis is known as the sacred hill where Greeks built temples, one being the most popular known as the Parthenon that was build to honor the goddess Athena. Our field trip to the Acropolis was a total adventure! It was hella hot that day and to be honest, I was not wearing the best shoes for the intense hike required to get to the summit. But, luckily I survived with no blisters for the day!

Wearing a hat was the greatest idea ever! It protected me so much from the sun. David and I made sure to smother ourselves with layers of sunblock, but the sweat was real, which made us have to keep reapplying sun block. Despite the hot sun, the temperature in the air was wonderfully humid and the occasional breeze provided for a refreshing sensation. Staying hydrated became critical to our endurance while roaming downtown Athens in the Plaka district.


Theater of Dionysus

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Top: Forever 21 (similar) /  Skirt: ASOS (similar) /  Sandals: Forever 21  /  Hat: Goorin Bros.