San Francisco Premium Outlets

San Francisco Premium Outlets

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Woah! It’s already May, which means that Mother’s day is literally right around the corner. Time to spoil all the hot mamas out there!

Dia de las Madres, also known, as Mother’s Day is a very special day in Mexico. It is celebrated on May 10th every year, whereas, the American Mother’s Day, is celebrated every second Sunday of May. My entire family gets together at a local park and spends the entire day catching up, eating and playing sports. It’s such a fun day. For May 10th, my brothers and sister spend the evening with my mom. We prepare a lovely dinner for her and get her presents so she can open them over a delicious dessert. I am a big believer that those whom have a mother-figure individual in their lives should love and appreciate them everyday. However, I do understand that life can sometimes become a routine and we can unconsciously forget to show that affection from day to day to those special people in our lives.  It’s nice to have mother’s day be a day that reminds everyone as a whole to stop, and take a moment to show our special someone love and gratitude for what they do for others.

Over the weekend, David and I decided to head over to the San Francisco Premium Outlets in Livermore and do all of our Mother’s Day shopping there! We left the house around 8am and stopped for breakfast in Oakland. We arrived to Livermore right on time! There was enough parking (though, it was filling up super fast!) and luckily, the sun was not blasting just yet.  We were able to check out tons of stores and shop around for the best deals. My goal was to find 4 presents total, and David had 3 presents to shop for. It was so much fun spending our morning thinking of the best gift for our special moms. I was so excited because I found the perfect sandals for my mom at Clarks! They had an awesome sale with a huge selection! I also got my sister a pair of the cutest Pumas at the Puma store for such a great deal! Honestly, David and I were so happy with our purchases for Mother’s Day!

 Stay tuned on Instagram (DaisysFashionGarden) and Snapchat (daisysgarden) for behind the scenes of what I do for Mother’s Day on Sunday, 5/8 and Dia de Las Madres on Tuesday, 5/10! 

  • - Daisy