Santorini Diary

Santorini Diary

We were beyond excited to finally arrive to Santorini, Greece! The island most talked about due to its beautiful photogenic white buildings with and breath taking beaches. David and I landed to Santorini Island by fairy. We were picked up by a taxi bus that drove us to our hotel. While arriving to our hotel, we noticed that it was a bit uphill and in the middle of a busy road. When entering the gate and being escorted to the lobby we couldn’t help but to notice the beautiful view of the Aegean Sea. After a small chat with the hotel hosts, we were led to our room. Walking there was unusual. We walked down a cave-like-alley with low lights and echoing effect. I was kind of freaked out, but hoped that it would just lead us to something beautiful. Once David and I walked into our designated room, we were completely amazzzzed. The room was incredible! We had our own private infinity pool with a beautiful view of the Caldera. It was magical.

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The hotel welcomed us with an amazing dinner. Not only was the food excellent, but the view was stunning. David and I sat here for hours, eating, drinking and watching the sunset.

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I was so excited to finally wear this super cute maxi dress from Nordstrom Rack! I thought Santorini would be the perfect place to rock it since it gives up a low key nautical feel. The dress was incredibly comfortable and kept me cool during the warm evening.

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Maxi Dress: Nordstrom Rack  /  Sandals: Marshalls  /  Purse: ZARA (love this one!) /  Sunnies: Raybans